Saturday, February 28, 2009

6 things that never fail to make me smile!!!

I saw this link from someone I follow online. I thought it sounded fun!

These are the six things that never fail to make me smile.

My husband

My son

My baby girls

Olive Garden



Just pics to sum up February







samantha hospital

addison hospital

addison asleep sitting up

addison sleeping in bouncy





Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Another ER visit

I’m going to go the lazy route on this update. I’m just going to copy and paste from Dusty’s blog (my dh)

Here is his blog: Different Hats


“Samantha is afraid of being forgotten…

… at least that is my working theory behind all of the illness.  It seriously seems as if we’re in the emergency room once a month.  It’s usually between the 13th and 16th and the only conclusion I can draw is this:  She doesn’t want the ER staff to forget her.

When she’s there, laying in our arms looking awful and pathetic, she gets cooed over.  It’s a chorus of comments about what beautiful blue eyes she has.  I think she’s secretly digging it.  Why she is willing to undergo the pain of an IV or blood draws for these compliments is beyond me, but there has got to be some reason.

So obviously Samantha went to the ER last night after our doctor had a chance to give her a once over.  She had been on Amoxicillin for a week and was showing no progress.  The doctor listened to her and stated that she believed that Samantha had pneumonia.  Ugh.  Wonderful!

I was at home watching Addison when I got the tearful call that Samantha had to go to the ER again.  It’s honestly gotten so common that I was really more disappointed than surprised.  I called my mom and asked her to come over and watch Addison so I could get up to the hospital.

Cynthia has been keeping me, and others, updated via her twitter which was, and often is, entertaining.  Call me biased, if you want.  Here is a link that will quickly become less and less relevant to this content due to the fact that she keeps twittering.


So I finally get up to the hospital and Samantha has already been triaged and Cynthia has changed an ungodly amount of diapers.  Luckily Samantha didn’t waste her whole supply on my wife though, she was happy to share some of that pleasantness with me. 

During our first trip to the Diaper Deck I almost slipped in urine which was fun!  I highly recommend it, if for no other reason than entertainment value.  I let someone at the hospital know and they promptly added a “Caution: Wet Floor” sign, but decided the urine was sterile and thus probably safer than anything else living on that floor and was left to clean itself.

After several hours, we were finally called back and Samantha was taken to an observation room, as opposed to the quick in and out curtain rooms.  She laid still as the doctor took her vitals and at least showed a bit of fight at the anal thermometer.  On a side note: My GOD!  The same stick they put in my mouth has been in other people’s butts with only a small layer of plastic separating the two.  For some reason I assumed it was a separate device.

Eventually several heartbreaking moments had to happen.  We had to restrain our baby girl so she could get blood work.  The nurse sucked too, so she poked around and then moved the needle all around and still couldn’t find anything.  Finally, she called in a specialist who got the job done quickly.  We also had to restrain her while they placed her IV.  And yet more heartbreak when we had to hold her down so they could cath her.  Again our nurse was insufficient and called in the specialist who grabbed a smaller cath line.  I could have grabbed the first nurse by the neck for trying to cath my baby girl with a cath line too large!

I’m still struggling with how I feel about the fact that at the worst of her pain, she would turn her big blue eyes up to me.  I don’t know if those eyes were looking for reassurance, “Dad, what are they doing?  Is this okay?”  or in recrimination, “Dad, how could you let them do this to me?  Why are you just standing there?”  I guess there is comfort in the fact that she’s too young to remember this later but at it would have been nice to know what she was thinking at the time.

So long story a bit shorter, we were sent home with a prescription for Azithromycin.  I picked it up while Cynthia took Samantha home.

And that brings us to today.  I had hoped that the medication would work like a magic bullet of sorts and Samantha would wake up her usual whiny self but morph into our beautiful little smiley mischief making girl, but so far it hasn’t happened.  She got to bed around midnight.  Slept until 10pm, got up for an hour and a half and has been sleeping since.  It’s now 3:25 as I write this.  So she’s 4 hours into her latest sleeping spell.

I can’t wait until our little ones are back at 100%.  I can only take so much worry.  I swear I feel like I haven’t slept in days and I’ve been stealing sleep at every available opportunity.  *Big sigh* Well, this too shall pass – and I, for one, can’t wait! “

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weight Watchers

Dusty and I joined weight watchers online today. It feels good! We tried it last May but I was still breastfeeding and although we both lost weight on it, it was affecting my milk supply and I was having none of that.

We dropped our membership and said to ourselves that we would join back up once I was done nursing. Although I finished this past December, we just now got around to rejoining. We wanted to sign up earlier but never seemed to fit it into our budget. We just got our federal and state tax returns this week so it was the perfect time to rejoin!

Ideally we would both like to lose 75 lbs. In a perfect world, a bit more each but 75lbs is our ultimate goal right now. It’s more realistic. I would have loved to have started earlier because I’d love to be happy with my weight when I turn 30 in May, but that’s not going to happen. So my goal is to have 75lbs gone by New Year’s day 2010. It may or may not be obtainable but I sure as heck am going to try.

Joshua lost his 1st tooth!!

Whew! Finally!! Not sure what took them so long to become loose but he finally lost one last night. Both bottom front teeth have been loose now for a couple weeks. Last night he let me (ie. I threatened him) play around with the more promising one. I pushed it around and would grab and pull. He would yell “owe! owe!” and pull away from me. The tooth was so ridiculously loose and about to fall out, I couldn’t let him go to sleep like that so I kept trying and finally got it out.

The look on his face was priceless. It was a look of disbelief, shock, surprise and excitement all wrapped up into one.

He was so happy when it was all done. He asked me to take a picture (like I wouldn’t have!! ) and send Gaga a picture message through the phone. I of course, sent it to all the grandparents and a couple friends.

Here it is. The quality isn’t great because I took it on my blackberry:

josh missing tooth

He was surprised with $20 from the tooth fairy this morning. He was hoping for $10, we said $2 would probably be more realistic but the tooth fairy must have been feeling pretty generous last night.

come one.. it’s his first tooth AND it was Valentine’s Day =P

Friday, February 13, 2009

Sick again..sigh

They have been sick for a couple weeks but mainly just runny noses and coughing. Samantha's cough started getting worse and sounded deep in her chest. Then yesterday, Addison started throwing up (in the middle of the night) and both running fevers between 99-101 depending.

So we took them both to the doctor and Samantha ended up on some antibiotics for bronchitis. Addison was "wait and see". So we took them home and started Samantha on her meds. Then Addison slowly became lethargic. She just slept and slept and whined and slept. This morning I called the doctor again to update them on Addison and the doctor called in some antibiotics for her as well.

Addison has been sleeping all day off and on but mostly on. She has seriously been up for maybe 45mins-1hr since 10pm last night. When she's up, she drinks her sippy and is giving us plenty of pee pee diapers (and some diarrhea

Now Samantha is puking too but hers seems to be the excess mucous in her lungs. It's all mucousy and slimy.. again.. fun times.

Here is a video of Addison. She can barely keep her eyes open at all. She started falling asleep sitting up.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Valentine Girls

These aren’t our official Valentine’s Day pictures. I will be including Joshua in them, for sure. Here is last years Valentine’s Day picture.


YIKES! I know this sounds bad, but I totally thought they (the girls) were super cute then. Hahaha! They look SO much better now.

Here are the pictures I took of them the other day. They were in goofy moods.


Here Addison decided to get into the bouncy seat I have for the 3 month old little girl I watch. Samantha kindly brought her the XBOX 360 controller to play with.


Samantha looking out through the blinds. We usually have the shades pulled because the girls like to mess with them but the lighting was messing with my picture taking! They love to look out this particularr window because Grandma’s house is next door and they like to check on her and her doggie.


Addison trying to take off her tights. I love it! She is constantly taking off her socks. With tights, I win!


I just thought this was such a clean and sweet picture of Addison. She looks so precious.


Samantha being silly. She is such a happy little girl. She was giggling and getting excited about sitting on the couch.


Here are some other shots:



Here are a couple of “action” shots. You can clearly see who the trouble maker is. As well as with the picture right above this text.


IMG_0633 IMG_0634