Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Full house leads to the start of full mouths

My Memaw came to visit us this past week from Alabama. Memaw is my Grandma on my Mom's side. It was great to have her here. My Mom and sister also stayed with us. Needless to say, we had a full house.

This was the first time she got to meet the girls. She has been chomping at the bit to get her hands on them. Her husband, my pawpaw, was a twin himself. He had a twin sister. A fun little fact about this is that him and his twin sister were actually his parents 3rd set of twins!! They were the babies of the family. My pawpaw died last year so he never knew that I was pregnant with twins. As far as we know, I am the first family member since my pawpaw's mom, to have twins.

Even at 75 years old, my Memaw sat on the floor and played with the girls every single day. She did everything but change their diapers. I was very impressed!!! Samantha fell asleep on Memaw a few times but this particular time, I took pictures because of the way Samantha was lying. I thought it was SO cute!! Both girls fought sleep a lot with all the commotion going on this past week.

Memaw left today. Her flight was suppose to leave at 5:30 and naturally, it was 2+ hours behind schedule due to bad weather in Atlanta. Sigh...I feel bad because I know she was nervous to begin with and then had to sit on the plane for a couple hours before finally taking off. I just hope the flight itself was smooth.

Here is a picture of Memaw holding both of the girls.

The picture below starts with my brother Jamie, my mom holding Addison, me holding Samantha, Memaw holding Joshua and my sister Kelly in front of us all.

The house is so peaceful right now. I'm laying on one couch with my laptop and Dusty is sitting on the other couch playing pool on the xbox 360. All 3 kids are sleeping and we are taking advantage of the silence. What a crazy week and although I'm happy to be enjoying the silence, I am quite sad that Memaw's visit is already over.

Baby update:

Both girls ended the visit with teeth!! Samantha had her first tooth pop through on Saturday July 26th and Addison's popped through on Sunday the 27th. It pretty much happened with out much complaint from either of them. I expected some major drool and crankiness but that didn't really occur.

Addison and Samantha are starting to scare me with how mobile they are becoming..YIKES!! They aren't crawling but they are rolling around like crazy and Samantha can make it from one side of the living room to the other in just a matter of seconds! Addison got up on all fours today for a split second. They can go from sitting to tummy without falling over... they are actually doing it on purpose.

Addison is babbling a lot too. Her sounds are yayayaya, mamamama, bababababa. They aren't associated with anything yet but it's so cute to hear them. Samantha is our squealer. She is just like mama. I love a good squeal every now and then =) She has also been making a lot of noises too.

-yawn- ok, I'm going to wrap this up now. I'm tired. It's been a long week/day. Good night!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


The girls went swimming for the first time today! They seemed to really enjoy it. They were so well behaved as we waited for Joshua and Dusty to have some more splashing fun!

They did so well that we are going back on Friday! Thank goodness it has finally gotten warm enough here (for now anyway) Thank you Aunt Dena for having us over!! =)

Friday, July 11, 2008


T-ball is going pretty good. Dusty is a little tired of coaching it. Next year will be better when we both can just be "parents" of a t-ball player. It would be nice to have help with the girls every time. Anyway...

I took some pictures. Here are some of my favorite ones. Of course I have to throw in a couple pictures of the girls.

Here is my Mom (GAGA) and Joshua before the game

Josh waiting for his turn at bat

Swing batter batter swing

Addison sitting on Gaga's lap

Samantha sitting with Grandma DD

It was definitely nice to have a couple extra set of hands so I could concentrate more on the game and take some pictures.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th of July

Our tradition on the 4th of July is to head out to my dad's house. We usually grab a pancake breakfast during the Fenton Festivities but with having the girls this year, we decided to skip that part. My dad made us waffles with all the fixins at his house instead! They were yummy. We then headed to the parade. We were running a bit late so we ended up having to walk over a mile from our parking spot to the parade. The girls were SO good! They missed their morning nap but you wouldn't have been able to tell. They were so well behaved and smiley.

Here are some pictures.