Sunday, March 30, 2008

Daddy gets a new toy

Dusty has been wanting to get a front carrier to carry the babies around in. I purchased a couple slings a few months ago but he feels uncomfortable in them. They do take some getting use to and I understand his hesitation. I would rather him use something he feels comfortable in and confident that the girls will not fall out.

We called Grandma over (she lives right next door- how convenient!) we asked if she wanted to stay home with Joshua and one of the girls so we could take just one baby with us to try out carriers at Babies R Us. She happily came over and stayed with Addison. We decided to take Samantha because I have already taken Addison on a shopping trip by herself so, to be fair, we took Samantha on a shopping trip by herself.

Dusty tried on 3-4 carriers and of course he/we decided on the most expensive one. It had great reviews. It was the most comfortable and was the easiest to use. You get what you paid for, right? So now daddy has his carrier and mommy can use her slings.

Here is the one we went with. Samantha has really enjoyed it. Maybe tomorrow Addison will have a chance to take a "ride"

While we were at Babies R Us, this is what Joshua and Addison were up to.

Bath time

It's really a hit or miss when it comes to bath time. One day the girls seem to love it, the next day it seems to be the most torturous thing in the history of the world.

This day, it was love...


All Done for Sa-mannie

Now its Addie ba daddies turn

Brother, Joshua is trying to entertain

Addie ba daddy all clean!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Trying on mommy's dresses

I love these! My mom kept dresses of mine from when I was a baby. I have several of them in all different sizes. I had to put the girls in them asap before they outgrew them. Both of the girls did well with the first dress but were pissed off by the time I put the second dress on



They were pretty upset by the time I put the second dress on them. They look so much alike when they are crying!



Birth day...of the blog

This is going to start off short and sweet. I want to get this blog up and running because we get asked all the time how we are doing, how the girls are doing and how life is, in general, raising a 5 year old and infant twins. Everyone wants updates and of course, pictures. So, the easiest thing to do is to have one location where everyone can come and see pictures of the kids and get a little update all at the same time.

I will try my best to update at least once a week =)